CSST Gas supply line through Fireplace side wall clarification

Is this an acceptable way for a CSST Gas line to go through the side wall of a fireplace? I recommended the use of a rigid type material until it passes beyond the side walls and then flexable. They came back saying that the plastic garment was an acceptable way for a gas line to pass through?

Sorry, should have proof read before posting! grommet not garment.

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Who’s they? Looks like they went through the wrong hole. Was that grommet attached or was it loose?

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Realtor/client. The grommet was attached.

If it was attached it’s fine.

It’s protected from the sharp metal edge, that’s all that’s required

Yes, just make sure its bonded.
Older CSST (yellow vinyl coated pipe) has to be bonded.
Most of the black vinyl coated pipe has a separate layer referred to as Flash Shield/Gastite brand.
Always note to refer to manufacturers installation instructions.