CSST passing through wall

Is it OK for CSST to pass through a wall? I would think a sleeve is required? What are the applicable code sections? Thanks.


CSST can pass through a sheetrock wall without a sleeve as long as the plastic coating is intact and there are no connections within the wall cavity. If it goes through masonry or brick walls, it must have a sleeve. This is from Gastite tech support.

Crappy drip/dirt leg as well.

Nothing “crappy” about it. Just plain wrong :smiley:

I think code doesn’t allow a flexible gas pipe passing a wall/floor

Thanks for your responses.

Nothing wrong with csst passing through a wall as long as it is sealed to the wall according to the manufacture of such a product.
(see page 34)


  1. Counter Strike®
    with its specially formulated polyethylene jacket has been tested
    to the flame spread and smoke development requirements of ASTM E 84 and
    meets ANSI LC-1 limits imposed for this
  2. For through wall penetration fire stop
    instructions refer to the UL classification
    requirements shown in Appendix A. When
    passing through a fire stop (2hr. wall) the
    jacket shall not be removed. Seal between
    building and Counter Strike®
    with an
    approved 3M type CP-25 or equivalent
  3. Counter Strike®
    has through wall penetration UL Classifications for 1, 2 and 4 hour
    requirements depending on materials and
    type of construction. See Appendix A

This applies to appliance connectors, not gas piping.