Flexible Natural Gas line

Question: Can a flexible gas line penetrate a fire seperation wall in a two story home… Line was from the water heater it appeared to have stainless sheathing… Sorry no photo

If it’s CSST, then it is allowed. CSST can be installed in the same manner as rigid piping, although it requires additional support.


Thanks guys, very helpful…

Model codes generally allow rigid/flexible metal pipe to penetrate a firewall if it’s fully grouted or installed with firestopping. The stainless sheathing may be a firestop penetration sleeve for the pipe, where the space between the pipe and sleeve should be filled with firestop caulk (usually red in color). The idea is to prevent fire and smoke from passing through the penetration generally for at least the fire rating of the wall in hours.

See IRC R317.3 as a guide (local mileage may vary) … :wink: