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Hi, I am currently finishing up a home study home inspecting course and have close to 18 years as an all around carpenter. But I am questioning myself if I am qualified enough to be an inspector? I know I need to obtain some hands on…but do I need more schooling in other areas? I feel like I need to be an engineer or something in that nature. What do you think?

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Home study is fine; not ideal but,it is a start.

I would suggest you find all the online courses you can find there are a few free /good ones. Do a search on this board.

I would look for classes in your area. Hopefully you have more options then we do in Tucson. icon_smile.gif

It is a very demanding field as with any other trade you never stop learning.

Were you able to pass the NACHI test?

If not you have a long way to go.

Set aside a few days!! and go thru this board there are many people with vast amounts of knowledge and most are willing to help a newcomer to the field although there are some who think you should have 250 Inspections before you are qualified to do Inspections!! Kind of hard to get started when you need 250 to start!!!

Also, do a search for Inspectors at at least 50 miles away from you ;they (might) give you 1 free ride along.

You do not have to be an Engineer,however you must be proficient in all aspects of residential construction.
Check out the NACHI SOP for details.

If you have not already done so join the org.

The best of luck to you!!

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Daniel, Try finding a class that is happening in your area. You will have to complete 50 course hours which can be done in a week. Upon completion of the course you will be required to pass the national exam. Spend some time studying. You sound like you are very Knowledgable already. Good luck, and trust me the time spent is all worth it.