Interested in Learning Home Inspection [Info Request]

I am Interested in Learning Home Inspection and building Inspection if possible.
Where does one start?
Are there any good books out there to begin learning this ?
Or should i look for a course on this then take the exam?
How long does it take usually to past the state exam or home inspectors exam?
and I noticed there is an exam here too, I am interested in taking that exam.
Once i can find some study material. any links or suggestions.
I am skilled in the Hvacr field as a technical , mechanical person of the trade.
and can offer tips and info here to the guys as well based on my experiences.
Thanks in advance.

Henry, a good place to start is by taking the online exam here at INACHI. Once you complete it, it will tell you where you need the most work. From there, if you become a member, you can access the educational tools available here. Alot of the stuff you can get access to as a non member, but the stuff that you will find most beneficial will require you to become a member. Read through the message board, and you will learn a lot just from the posts made by the inspectors here. Instead of throwing a few thousand dollars out there for a class right away, I would spend the money and become a member here first, then spend the money on a class if you need to.

And look what you get for joining Henry over here:

Henry, where are you from? Some states have licensing requirements and some do not. Some states will accept online training and some want live classroom training. To really answer your question, we would need to know where you hail from. The above comments are good and you certainly came to the right place to start.

Henry, Ian is right on the money. In my state I was required only a 20 hours course. However the state test was a very indepth and complex, certainly beyound any 20 hour course. Your back will help some. I also have a fairly good back round and took a hundred hour course. But I would have never passed the state test had it not been for joining interNACHI. Follow the requirements for joining, find out your shortcoming by taking the test, and take the indeph training courses provided to members and you will do just fine. :smiley: