Current Wind Mit Form

I’m using what I believe to be the latest Wind Mit form: PLP-121-2 (ed. 6/12) 5 page form. Can someone tell me if this is correct?? A local ins co is telling me No, incorrect form. Is there another more current 1802 form out there?? If so, need copy. Thanks.

Michael has the correct form link above.

Have you done many wind mits?

Can you post a copy of this form, and where did it come from?

I would also like to see it. Never heard of it. Likely some insurance companies stole the form and gave it their own code???

Believe it or not I got from someone here on the Forum saying it was the latest, superceding the earlier version. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years with never a question from any ins co except today. I believe it may have come from John S. (I THINK)

I’m well experienced (5,000+ WM inspections) having started under the FLASH pgm some years ago, BUT, I am never to old to learn and humble in asking for your help. Thanks. I do need to know what is the absolutely correct and LATEST form to use.

I’m using the one Michael posted (01/12) as well. Didn’t think there was another. There isn’t is there?


I do not recognize the form number could you email it or post it.

John: Emailing it to you. What’s your email?

john at

John S. Please type EXACTLY what your email address is: ?

This is the same form I have been using as well, I’m doing some inspection for Cincinnati customers who are getting dropped and they have to get new wind mitigation’s because there wind mitigation’s were completed on the older 1802 form.

They are ONLY good for 5 years.

Most of there Wind Mitigation’s were completed between 2009-2011 with Cincinnati, If your questions was directed to me:p

John D’s form appears to have all the same questions, but a different layout.

Is that even acceptable to the insurance companies John?


I do not see why it shouldn’t but it is not the same form. It looks like something some software generated. This is why my forms are static.

I know. The reason I asked is because I was under the impression no one could alter an official form like the 1802. When I say alter I mean basically change the layout of the form. I know we can place annotations for clarifications but rearranging the layout seems to me wouldn’t be allowed. Just my thoughts.


Been using this form for the past three years, believing it was the latest form, and no one has questioned me until now. If everyone else is using the 1802 (Rev. 01/12) and that is the latest, then that’s the one I’ll start using again. Don’t remember from where I got that form but I believe from the Forum here. Thanks guys…