Wind Mit information

Here is the start of some wind mit info, feel free to comment and leave feedback on the blog.

Looks good John, keep up the good work
Looking forward the adjuster’s meeting in Orlando, have you set a date yet?

Thanks, that was Insurance Inspectors not adjusters. No date yet. Working on October.

John S.

Would it be possible to get a copy of your converted and fillable field version of the new wind mit form. Is it in a pdf format where Adobe Acrobat is used?

Also, I heard you are the man for the Four Point form as well.


John. If you have the 4-point form, I would like one also. Thanks for all your help. Bill

I have a new version with click to insert images, it will be ready soon.

Four point

Thanks John

Just curious, do you re-type the form or just convert it.

Convert, it is the actual form with the input added. I am looking for a nachi version of the four point(mine has my logo on it).

I have new versions I am testing where you can click and insert the picture to the page.

I would post it but it is too large.

Here is a link

Thanks John – That makes things a little easier. Are you still fine tuning it?

I have a version I am using now. I will see how it does.

Thanks John. Do you use the same form “type” for the 4-points? I don’t do the wind mits yet but do lots of 4-points. I use the Nachi form with drop downs but, the pictures I basically manually resize them and replace them each time I reuse the template. Thanks again.


The beginning is done. :smiley:

Nice blog John. Your leadership on this is outstanding. Getting the info out and helping ensure accurate inspections benefits all.

Hello John,
Is there a way to save this after you fill it in so that you can send it via email attachment?
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections

This is to PDFreDirect it works great and it is free! Works as a printer driver.
I use it every day. It has your files on the left side so you can also easily save it to any place you want.

Thank you Ed. I’ll check it out.
John Miller