Reminder: New Wind Mit1802 form

Hi to all,

Just a quick reminder that the revised 1802 form came into effect yesterday, don’t risk getting winds mits refused by using the old form.

Here’s a link to the new one

BTW if anyone has converted this into a fillable field version I’d love a copy



John S. has one that he will send you. He has posted the invitation in the wind mit thread.

Thanks Michael, I noticed that after I had posted this


Citizens is still showing the old form on their website, but I’m w/you Gerry start using them now. I was told by some agents it effective immedately and others said there is a grace period up to May 01.

Is there a word copy of this file out there?

I have e-mailed a request to theDPBR, no reply yet…

DBPR does not make the form. Sorry I use PDF

We have software that actually creates this new form as an editable Word document AND automatically includes pictures as an addendum with Labels and everything. It runs on a handheld PocketPC so it is easy to collect the data AS you are doing your wind mitigation inspection plus it has reference data on it to help make sure you are looking at the things you need to be looking at.

I did not see a example on your web site. Do you have one?

I miss Gerry!!!

I’ll second that. There have been many threads where I wish here were there. I thought about him a lot at the wind mit class in Jacksonville.

I can’t tell you how much my phone bill has gone down since Gerry has left us, we probably talked daily.

So just for my own edification, What are the changes that were made on the new form?
Provided thats its not a complicated answer