Customer Service?

So, I don’t know if anyone else feels like getting good service at homegauge is a struggle these days? It used to be that you would call and immediately get a competent person on the other end… Been waiting for 20 minutes, no answer, then got disconnected, and I’m back in line. Tried resolving an issue with my HG Companion last week, and it’s not working again, and I’m locked out. I guess when they sold out, they thought customer service was the first thing to go?

Oh, and now it just sent me to voicemail. Wonderful…

Go get HIP ! You will not be sorry…Nope!

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Yea, I need something new, there’s no doubt about that.

I have not noticed any change, they always help me and I’ve never had a problem contacting them. Maybe just a blip.

Yes Sir! Totally agree!

Neither have I. But then again in the 10 years or so that I’ve been using HG I’ve had very very few reasons to contact them.
But when I have, like when transferring to a new computer, I find their website to be extremely fast with live assistance.

I’ve had them now for only a few month and have had fantastic support from them. I was sent to voicemail a couple of times an they returned my call within the hour. Only once did it take before 5 but it was same day.

Must have been a fluke. I have since resolved the issue. Thanks guys

I always say, join the HG User group on Facebook. Most of these tech questions get answered by support staff in the group, myself or other members.