Anyone use Homehubzone? I can never get in touch with support

I’ve once and only once been able to contact support. There never seems to be anyone there and at least 10 voicemails from myself and my business partner have gone unanswered. Anyone have any secret tips to reaching these people. I love the program but if their customer support remains like this I need to go elsewhere.

I’ve read that same thing before.

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Interesting comment. I use HHZ for all my residential reports. I had an emergency issue a couple months ago; my images from my tablet were not uploading to the server, which meant they were not on my computer. I got a reply right away, within hours, and fixed the issue.

I know they are part of Home Gauge now and Toby Adamson is no longer part of the organization. I like the software a whole lot, but I don’t know what the plan is for its integration with Home Gauge.

When I had questions early on in my usage, about a year ago now, I received replies very fast. I’ve done all my support via email, never by phone.

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Hey Mike, I did get in touch with them I actually had to call homegauge my old software and I got a call back in a few minutes. I think its only the 2 girls running everything and they also do support calls for homegauge too. Really nice people when I was able to get in touch with them and took care of my issue very promptly. I am going to just email them from now on.

I did some google searching about HG and HHZ, what’s happening, etc. Ran in to these so far: and from a while ago: I knew American Family purchased HHZ, and I see from these posts HG too. These posts provide an understanding about what’s happening and a bit about the AmFam business plan.