Customer wants to buy report

I did an Inspection last weeks and the customer was unable to get a mortgage. The new prospective buyer is asking about purchasing the report.I dont recall it being an issue of Code of Ethics. If it’s not an issue does he need to sign a pre inspection agreement? does anyone have a clause to put it stating that a new inspection has been done and customer only purchasing report? how much should one charge.

Things can change in a week …A new complete inspection is required.
The report belongs to the original client.

I actually just spoke with fellow inspector that we many times work together and he explained the same report belongs to customer changes can happen in a week and to inspect like a new inspection

I always contact the previous customer and let them sell it if they want to the new, potential buyer…they’re the ones that are out $300+, not you.

Thanks Joshua for the advise i’m going to do that

Personally, I would not interject like that. To me, it can imply that the house is still in the shape that the old report states…JMO…YMMV.

New customer and new day=new inspection with new report.

I will sell them a report for the same as the original fee, and it will be available within 24 hours of the completion of the reinspection.

Also, make sure you check your E&O insurance. No PIA and your not going to be covered. If you facilitate the transaction between your previous client and the new buyer you could be held responsible.

I had one recently where this happened and I was adamant that I would not transfer the report or allow the realtors access to it. The inspection was done a month prior, well the new buyer hired us and we found the water heater leaking. Always!!! reinspect!!!