Cut truss, what does a engineer leave when they actually sign off on something?

Need advice on this. There is a truss cut in the attic space for a flue going through the attic. On the roof the chimney looks to already have unprofessional repairs done. This is likely very old, would the engineer of marked the truss in any way? From what I see I highly doubt a engineer signed off on this, but I don’t know what a engineer does when they actually sign off on something. Do they mark the truss or just leave something with the client? Besides calling it out, how concerned would you make your client about the issue.

That is an engineered rafter…so yes, it’s a problem unless they have an engineered letter or document approving the modification. If not letter cannot be produced, it needs an engineer eval. IMO

Leak much?


Oh man, there is about a dozen moisture marks in this attic lol. Did you see the shingles on the crown of the chimney?

Never and it just compounds the problem. It seems there are a lot of problems. Decking is loose, moisture stains, chimney clearance and the shingles…that’s a good one :crazy_face:


There should be a detail (drawing) for any pre-engineered truss field modifications. The detail should be sealed and signed by the registered professional engineer. I would definetly refer this to an engineer and qualified contractor for repairs.

looks like a good ole’ YouTube contractor did the work. that whole 4 foot span is now compromised and its putting way too much stress on the trusses on both sides.
Did you walk the roof? how spongy was it? probably pretty bad I bet. I’m sure the ceiling is sagging as well.
Recommend they remove the ductwork, whatever type of furnace that was installed and get the trusses and roof fixed.

no engineer approved doing this. just cutting out a whole truss. no way.

I can save you the time. No engineer would have signed off on this. They could use an engineer, perhaps, to design the repairs. Structurally, that portion of the roof is no longer sound. If it doesn’t leak already, it is just a matter of time before the sheathing in that area completely fails.