Cutting crown

Oldest daughter moved out so my wife got me doing a guest bedroom, never mind we don’t get lots of guests.

She likes crown molding so I got the old DeWalt 12" miter off the shelf and installed this crown. Decided to cut on the flat and do miters instead of coping which is how I have always done corners.

Here’s a miter and a scarf joint. Should paint up nice.

Packed with calk!
And…and… a butt joint .
You failed the 1st Pro inspection.
Send money!

No sir, no caulk. I knew you’d show up rascal that you are.

Tight as a gnats a-s-s Roy.

Send money!:mrgreen:

Coping corners is difficult on crown, but won’t open up when the molding shrinks (and it will shrink a bit). Same thing on a butt joint that is not cut on a 45 bevel.

I didn’t feel like looking for my coping saw blades.
My glue was spoiled so I found some Gorilla glue I used on my boat, wet the cuts and applied that. I don’t think the corners will open up. The scarf joint has a backer plate from a plywood scrap.

I think cutting without coping is harder to get a good joint. Besides, you miter inside corners on cabinet crown, why not ceiling crown?

I cope all inside corners on all contoured moldings. Even if it does open up, it won’t show. I don’t see a scarf joint in your photo. That’s a butt joint.

No, its cut on a 22.5

No, its cut on a 22.5. I was taught that’s a scarf. Less chance it will open up when the grain is cut like that.
I’ve tried doing it wit a 45 and even a double compound and this seems to work well for me.
Coping? Always for cove, for crown either way works for me.

Or, one can just “cut corners” and use a block.:cool:

crown block.jpg

And even failed the Leading Edge Inspection as well!..Ain’t that right Brad?

Looks good Paul!

Thanks Mark. Its getting painted. Should be fine.

Roy is just a crabby ol redneck with dull and rusty blades on his saws :mrgreen:

More trim.
8 pieces, all but the rope molding came from the scrap pile. Rope was left over from a kitchen. This came from a 2 story turn of the century home and all the ceilings got crown and all the baseboards were 3 piece, windows all had backband. Some was painted, most was quarter sawn white oak custom milled for this home.

Tile was custom made here in Mpls. I did the tile work also. Too bad the joints couldn’t have been smaller.

Nice mantel and surround, Paul.

I put a solid cherry 4 piece crown under my raised bar. I bought the milled cherry unfinished and just matched the cabinet finish…much cheaper that way.

Very nice Brad. I like the whole setup. Especially the fluted columns with the medallions.
Trim makes it all come together.

I’ve been installing some crown lately too. I’ve been coping the inside corners. I use a jigsaw with a coping foot. The 8" crown is brutal. Yours looks good Paul.

Crown is a biotch… measure once… cut and fit 3 or 4 times. :wink:

Are those called “newel” joints?

Nice work guys! I do fit and trim for a contractor and I have seen some sloppy work out there. That is not bad work for a bunch of knuckle dragging inspectors like us.