Stucco coming in contact with the window

My understanding is hard coat stucco should not run all the way to where its right up against the window ? it should have a gap with a backer rod and then sealed? and if that is correct does that apply to when the widow has plant-ons around it as in the photos?

Also there should be a control joint every 144 square feet on hard coat stucco ? should this house of had a control joint ?

Yes, the joint needs backer rod and sealant…good eye.

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You sure that’s hard coat stucco?
Where are you located?

I agree, it looks like a shitty EIFS finish.

Central California, its definitely hard coat i seen them put it on, they used stucco netting for it.

Thank you Larry Kage

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Is that new construction? Retrofit? Nail fin window?
What do you mean by plant-ons (as in fake artchitectural details)?

Does the builder have photos of prior to the scratch coat of stucco, to prove out the flashing details?

so let me clarify more im sorry, the first 2 photos is not new construction that is my buddys house that I’m performing a mock up on (I’m not certified) and yes that’s the house i happen to get to see them put on the stucco, it had the sheathing, building paper, stucco netting, scratch coat brown coat and final coat, and yes by plant-ons i meant the details around the window, not sure if i used that term correctly? the 3rd photo is new construction and is a house i manage.

I just call them window or fenestration accent pieces. Sometimes you see quoins on the corners. 99% of the time here my area, these accent pieces are synthetic regardless of the remaining cladding.

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That is common practice in Florida, not that it’s correct but common

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That appears to me to be stucco foam trim around the window (very common) that was repainted. Beside a poor paint job I see nothing wrong.

I do agree that a stucco expansion joint (between the first and second story) would have been a good idea, but I do not know if it is a requirement.

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Thank you.