So Your a carpenter?

Not cool.

Homeowner work.

It is cosmetic. I usually don’t write that stuff up, but do point it out to the client.

lol well although ugly , i wouldn’t add to my report here. If we did I would get one home a week done .

All it needs is some caulk :slight_smile:

Wow, that is some nice stuff right there. Almost big enough gap for a finial.

No this did not make it into my report. Only posted for humorous purposes.

Oh you wanted a Trim Carpenter not a Rough in carpenter

That would be bad even for “rough carpentry”. I would say that screwing the ends of the base to the wall opened that corner up. I would mention that on a report even though it is cosmetic.

why would you waste time mentioning it?

I enjoy your sense of humor, Mr. Lesieur. :smiley:

Yes, just try to make sure the color matches.

Meh, there is always the paintable caulk :smiley:

Unfortunately, we see this all too often in brand new homes with 1/4" gaps in the crown molding and baseboards corners.
The new motto is “Measure once, cut twice and then caulk” :shock:

Sometimes you need to point it out.

New house with new laminate floor install.

Cabinets install in kitchen

Sometimes you just shake your head.

Both of these were in the report due to the workmanship throughout the house.
Cabinet installation and flooring were not installed per industry/manufaturers standard installation. :slight_smile:

Hey I was in a hurry why are You being so picky?..