Cuttler Hammer Breakers

Inspected a home today, Cuttler Hammer panel and breakers. Several double taps under flat screw heads. My question is does the Cuttler Hammer breakers that allow 2 wires have the same butterfly fastener as the Square D QO breakers? The breakers are Cuttler Hammer CC. Thanks , Stan

I have yet to see one be able to facilitate two wires. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, it should say right on the breaker itself.

I am partial to this article

If you are referring to the CH models from Eaton (trade name Cutler Hammer) then they usually have a “V” type opening designed for 2 conductors of the same gage. I am not aware (and does not mean they don’t exist) of a two conductor version of a “CH” that’s not as I described. However, they may make a “BR” version …just it would be relatively new (late 90’s and later).

Any images or model numbers then I can make a call and find out for you.