Da' Chicago Way!

Gee, would I love to have an inspection here and at that time.


I have inspected that building several times .
The city needs to worry more about safety than NATO summits.

I just walked in from an inspection that had me telling a resident to cancel any porch parties due to it being totally unsafe to do so and this is right near where 6 people died in a porch collapse on wrightwood if anyone recalls.

What’cha gonna do?

Haul out your concealed weapon and start shooting!

I called out a roof deck, one time, badly built and unsafe and way too big, in the Wriglyville area (where they see roof decks as a Constitutional Right). 4 months after they moved in, they had a big party and the deck partially collapsed (broke two roof rafters and the deck settled at the corner and was at a 20 degree angle towards the right-rear). No one hurt, thank G-d, but it rained the next day and the inside was a waterfall. Guess who they called? Took my lawyer 1 1/2 hours to explain to their lawyer why they had no case, I called it out. They still bad mouth me to some realtors, although 4 realtors who use me regular don’t listen to them.

People are like everyone else, only more so. :mrgreen:

In the end, 13 died.

My client a lawyer (just called) spoke with residents and found they had just gotten an $30,000 repair estimate for what I just mentioned which of course among numerous other issues .
Sorry I led off subject but spent 4 hours documenting a 3 bedroom condo is ridiculous .
The Lord Rahm should worry more about residents than trying to copy Bloomberg and running for Federal office in 3 years .He should just stick his tu tu back on and dance off the stage .

Bob and I agree (this just in: Hell froze over today ;^#] ).

The mini Mayor should start worrying about the people of this city and stop spending our money on trying to impress the world. The facts show that events like the Olympics, G8, NATO, World Bank and other international meetings and events wind up a) spending money that the city doesn’t get back and b) causing problems and dislocations for the residents. It’s our freakin’ tax money! come on, get responsible for once. Besides, Chicago has absolutely nothing to prove to the world. We are a great city (warts and all) and much better that New York, where they don’t even know how to make good pizza, just that thin crap.

My 3 1/2 cents.

…and soggy too. Why do you think they have to “fold it over”? :p:mrgreen::wink: