from yesterday’s:D:D I also include pic 4 in the report:D cool house but the EIFS and cultured stone was a mess, a case study in how not to do it. Client bailed.

Nice Bungalow

Did you tilt back the head of the bust, and slide down the bat pole?

no, but I did report that the Batmobile turntable was not operational at the time of the inspection:D

Do you think the previous occupants answered the phone with a terse, “Yes, Comissioner.”? :wink:

Of course they did. Who wouldn’t when you note every defect with a big

“POW” or “SMACK” or “THWAP” :p:mrgreen:

that’s really a cool car, they just don’t make them like that anymore.


This brings back way too many memories

alot of good actors started out on batman