Well the cast is off!!

It’s been six weeks today since I broke my right leg and with the help of my wife managed to pull off about 25 inspections. Since her knee hasn’t fully healed from the head on crash a year and a half ago she was nervous on any roof inspections but she did a great job. I always came away wondering if we missed something because we were done in usually 2 hours as she took care of checking recepticles, windows, etc. Some of the little things like putting ladders and stuff back in the truck were already done and time was saved and she was more than happy to make up the bill and collect the cheque. I am going to miss having her along when I fully heal but she enjoys it and will likely come along when she can. The break has healed and I have really only been wearing the cast outside for the last few weeks.

Fantastic So glad for you .
I know what it is like to Havea partner .
Char and I have done this for 12 years and it sure makes things easier.
Clients love it too.
All the best and tell her we all love her big time …
Char and Roy

My hat is off to your wife for helping you out, Charles.

Best of luck with the healing. :slight_smile:

Charles I am glad your betting better. My wife accompanies me on most Inspections and she had surgery today after our auto accident last year. I will be glad to have her back. : ) Continue bringing her it made our marriage better.

25 in six weeks sounds great.
You defiantly would not wish to lose that amount of business.

Awesome! Glad you are doing better. Dont do that again, unless you really want the wife along more often. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, we do work pretty good together and she is kind of interested in working with me, she has a couple of other comitments. We drove up to one last week and I already knew from the listing pics that the roof had woven valleys, I asked her if she noticed anything about the roof. Her answer “there is no metal thingy between where the roofs meet” Ok, close enough, need to work on the lingo a bit. It’s nice to train someone that’s not going to be competition:p Not sure I am qualified to train anyone yet.
I am fortunate to be in a business I could still work in, I did lose the last 3 weeks of my snowplow salary, about $3000 but I have a broken bone insurance plan that I am just waiting on the cheque, it’s almost double what I lost so no big deal.
@ Bob, yes you’re right that’s a bit of revenue to lose, glad I didn’t, not to mention being unavailable can really hurt future business, I know that hurt my start up when I was still trucking. I’ve been very steady since early february.

Tell your wife to email me fastreply@nachi.org for instructions on how to join at no charge… AND… I’ll make sure she gets her InterNACHI membership for free forever.

Thanks Nick. Melanie took the online exam this morning and with a little coaching on some of the lingo used she scored 94%, she scored 100% on the electric, plumbing and structure sections the radon threw her off and I wasn’t much help since I haven’t really pursued it. This could get interesting!

She now has access to all our free, online inspection courses: www.nachi.org/education.htm

Every inspector’s spouse who performs inspections or assists with inspections should join InterNACHI.