Glad to find you all...

As a homeowner wrestling with numerous issues, and trying to find the right way to rectify them, I do a lot of web searching… and continually find myself in this forum, getting my eyes opened and finding answers. I’m also impressed with the professionalism and expertise I see in evidence here… so thanks, all!

Now my question: Where the heck were you all when I bought my current (1973) home in 1993??!?
Oy… I wish I had known to look for a reputable inspector back then. I don’t recall exactly where I found my inspector… I believe he was recommended by my agent or perhaps the lender, with me paying the nominal inspection fee… it was just a formality, I figured. I now believe that set-up was designed to help the deal go through, and not to uncover issues.

Yes, the inspector noted that the 20 year old furnace and shingles both needed replacement soon… but he missed:

  • Spongy floor in upstairs bath… turned out to be due to a cut truss joist upper member. OK, that one was hidden.
  • Spongy floor in downstairs bath… soil pipe run through a completely cut through truss joist (top AND bottom members), and this was completely visible in the basement. And this was done from new! I’d like to see that city inspector’s liquor cabinet…
  • Every ground wire on every receptacle was loose… wires were wrapped, but the screws were never tightened… I mean, WHY?
  • The 2 story brick veneer had pulled out from the wall, and was literally hanging on its tie straps. Silly me, I thought it was the rotten windows that had somehow moved IN 1 inch… nope, it’s the bricks which moved out, leaving some nice broken caulk line witness marks.
  • Oh, and the decrepit single pane double hungs were rotten and energy wasters too.
  • And there’s more, but I wouldn’t want to bore you.

After years of thinking the house was just bulldozer-bait, I’m now inspired to actually fix things up… been a very busy boy for a while now. But for sure if I ever buy another home, I’ll be calling for a downtown inspection job, with an inspector that I find myself!

PM in Michigan

Sounds like the city inspector’s liquor cabinet is probably the glove box of his car!

Latent (hidden) defects are one thing, but obviously you’re dealing with a builder, city inspector, and private inspector who did not give a rat’s a** as to whether you would be living in a properly-constructed and maintained home.

Best of luck to you as you try to get things put back in order, and feel free to access the collective wisdom (and general curmudgeonliness, at times) of this forum.