First Inspection I have ever said forget it, I’m leaving, couldn’t turn on the water because the main water pipe was cut off flush with the walkway, service ground missing, just to name a couple issues, (some) of the pictures tell a pretty good story.

Guy was in the back yard.

Main water line cut off flush with the walkway.

Ground Missing–:twisted:

A/C’s had issues—:shock:

Evaporative Coolers had issues—:frowning:

All the range hood were torn from the walls.

Tub-Showers had issues—:shock:

ALL windows had issues–:twisted:

Sinks had some problems as well—:shock:

Kitchen had some problems—:twisted:

And I could go on and on, but I need a drink—:smiley:


Grab your dad and go…:shock:

Dale, where was that? AJ ?

Must have left town, Peter. Or needed extra cash himself. :mrgreen:

Why would someone even want an inspection on that?

Actually, the report might be pretty easy. For every system or room:

Here’s my $775 invoice, thank you.

I really do not see a problem was it a union man in the yard?

Basically what I said Mike…Rip it down…I couldn’t believe it.

Replace Everything.



Off Thomas???/

Looks like a $30,000 Triplex to me. :smiley:

(And thanx for not telling the guys that’s me napping)

I covered that elsewhere BK…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Let me get this straight.
This was an Inspection or were you hired to give estimates as a GC.?

My name is Poncho
I work on the Rancho
I make 8 Peso’s a day
At night I see Lucy
To get me some…
Sorry another story

It always amazes me when someone orders a inspection on a property like that.

Did you certify it as “Move in Ready?”

Just another Fix and Flip

I hate to say it, but this is looking more like HI’s in Ohio.
2 days ago, I inspected a home in Columbus, and it was 1 of 3 home that WAS NOT boarded up on the entire block. Tell Brian to get a hair cut. :mrgreen:

I have found that there are many, young and inexperianced, “investors” believe that for very little money, they can “flip” these properties.

I try to talk them out of it.

But, many buy anyway.


Aww, Duff, you’ve been spoiled by the easy $ & comm’l last few years.

Head out with BK, he’ll take you to a couple sleaze joints & treat you to some kiltlifters, then you’ll be a real HI again.

Seriously, we’ve been seeing a lot of “stripped” properties lately. One I had scheduled for a week ago is taking 2 weeks to bring it up to “inspectable” levels. Of course, if they are REO, nobody wants to kick in the $ to get water & gas etc on . .


Thanks for the vote of confidence Russ----](*,)----------:lol: