Dale duffy now

Dale Duffy has generously given of his time and wisdom, while enduring pain. Now, he is faced with pancreatic surgery in a couple of days and a period of recuperation. He has shown us how much he cares, and now it’s our time to show him how much we care. I know times are tough, but take a moment to show Dale that you care by sending a check, made out to Dale Duffy , to Nick Gromicko at: 1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO. 80301. I’m sending a check today for $50.00, but please give whatever you can afford. I know times are tough, but they suddenly got a lot tougher for Dale. If you can’t afford to make a donation, please send him your best wishes and keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers.

He is like the energizer bunny, regardless he keeps going and going!
Follow the above link, but if your strapped:

Use this link for $10 bucks on your credit card and I will send it to Dale.
Anyone can do $10 bucks!


If your watching football, just buy him a beer!
Pay forward!

Dale, that’s kind of a lot to go through just to meet a pretty nurse.

Here’s praying for the best–and a quick recovery. We all want to see you on this board again real soon.

Get well soon Dale.

Dale an extra prayer for you during dinner, get well soon buddy

Even with the best insurance the co-pays can get out of hand.

Get well soon Dale!


Hang in there, Bud. And take advantage of the drug use and the relaxation time.

And keep your eyes to yourself…

Dale, get well soon. My higher power told me you’ll be fine. O:):raised:

Why go all the way to Fiji if you can’t drink? :margarit::lol: