Dale Duffy...

how are you doing? O.K. I hope. :smiley:

Surgery in a three weeks Ken…I have to be in Vegas Feb 1st; so any time after that.

I had the endoscopy surgery done again last Monday and they cannot repair the bile ducts in my pancreas without cutting me open.

So between Oxycodones and Enzyme Tablets…life goes on…sometimes painfully.

I’m sorry to hear it Dale, what exactly is wrong with your pancreas?

Get well Duff. I will be thinking about you

What’s that old movie that starred James Coburn…“Our Man Dale”? :smiley:

I wonder if Dale was part of the Magnificent Seven of the Home Inspectors back in the 18th Century. Yea, it must of been his Great Grandfather.
Here, I can see him chasing those unethical Realestate agents out of town.


Dale, my man, this one is for you. ha. ha.
Hope you well in your surgery.

Marcel :slight_smile:


Get well soon my friend!!!
I looks like I won,t be able to make it to Vegas on the 1st but definitely for our convention!!
See you then.

Get well soon Dale.


We can’t screw around in Vegas if your sick. :twisted: :wink: