No one thinks those things are important.

Do you aslo check to see if the control panel is grounded with your ticker. The installers are supposed to attache a ground wire to the unit when it is installed, but never do.

Usually those end up in the trash or junk drawer.

Will the little ticker test work on any grounded appliance?

I have that range or something similar to it and it did not come with an anti-tip bracket because…well you cannot tip it. You could open the door, and stand on it, but that wouldn’t help much (the door would fall off). Are you sure it’s for this?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) both developed national, voluntary safety standards that require electric and gas ranges manufactured after 1991 to remain stable when 250 pounds of pressure is applied on the oven door for five minutes. These standards also require that metal brackets be delivered with the stove and be installed at the time of delivery to secure the stoves to a wall or the floor. But, because these are voluntary safety standards, only a small fraction of stoves are installed in homes with the anti-tipping devices.

I have one of these ovens. If I stand on my oven door (I am big) me thinks the oven will not tip. Yes the door will break. And yes the glass will too. But that oven ain’t going nowhere. The door is simply not strong enough to pose a credible threat.

Anyone who’s know a child who’s been severely burned because they stood on the oven door to peer into a pot of boiling liquid thinks they’re important. I always check and always call missing anti-tip devices no matter what the age of the range.


Dont miss-understand me. I write everyone of them up.

From the photo . . . isn’t that the way they are to be installed? :mrgreen: . . . hope you know I’m kidding . . . at least you found it:) . . . almost every stove I find without the anti-tipping installed, you can’t find the packaged bracket anywhere . . . I think the contractor must think, if I throw it away, no one will notice.

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Most people don’t recognize unseen hazards, some know but do not educate their children, and kids will do things regardless. Safety devices are supposed to limit the number of accidents regardless of the cause. I am hard on safety items for the peoples sake first, my liability second. JMO