Date help of furnace

Yale Coal Boiler:

Just kidding. No date help needed. I just thought this thing was a peach.

Appears to be anti-bellum.

Was that thing still working??

Located a manufacture date…August, 2003.

I could be wrong, though.;-):wink:

Everything was there, so it cold easily work again. You might note the supply and return not connected (union halves hanging). It was replaced with this Burnham, probably in 1970:

I was there to bid replaing it with a Triangle Tube boiler that will look like a toy compared to the old monsters.

In the old days, I’ve removed old units that were about 6 X 8 X 8 feet in size and weighed a couple tons when stripped and loaded on my poor, unsuspecting pick-up–and replaced them with a high-tech unit about 2 x 2 x3.

Amazing what “modern technology” of the 1980’s could produce.

The date is right there
It was built in 1025 during the dark ages.

Damn I only see old Kiwanees.

Was that an apartment building and how many units?
It looks so small.

It was just a single family dwelling. That old coal furnace was abandoned in place in the furnace room, and the “new” furnace was scabbed into the pipework in the basement “summer kitchen” just one room away, which probably hasn’t been used as a kitchen for 50 years or better.

:DYou didn’t inhale next to that thing did you?:smiley:

I would write ,
Suspected asbestos present, Even with unhooked it may still have it. In fact it sure looks like it has
Has age old as dirt. lol

Yes. Deeply. I ran a big barn fan next to it while I was working too. :mrgreen:

Good thing you didn’t lick it…with the white lung thing and all…

At least the Hartford loop appears proper…