Date of a triangle tube boiler

I inspected a home today with a Triangle Tube boiler and I cant seem to located the data to figure out the age. The unit model # is PG-30NH and the Serial # is HM 1829. Can someone tell me the manufacture date on this unit. Thanks Chris Hill

Can you post a picture of the data plate?

I guess not! :roll:

Same issue , How do I determine the age

this is a pic of the data plate

Usually, the date is in the serial number.

A guess would be 1976 but the letters sometimes come into play, too.

There is a website that some older members put together for aging appliances, but I cannot remember the name of it. Someone will be along to help with the name, soon.

Try this:

Or, call the manufacturer…maybe.

Newer than 1986. :grinning: You may have to contact them to find out.

This unit.

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Old thread from 2018.

Morning, Chris. Hope this post finds you well.
From the label the MN: is SMART 3:0
Is this a water heater tank support to a boiler or is the the water heater?

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