Dave Ramsey suggests ASHI?

I follow Dave Ramsey on Facebook, He typically has helpful advice. An article like this I would usually repost, except he recommends ASHI, and no mention of NACHI. Thoughts?

He’s a personal finance guy. He knows real estate, but not home inspections.

He’s just not informed enough on the subject.

Historically, I would have agreed.

Has NACHI jumped the shark?

Sure, we allegedly have over 10,000 members now, but I thought I saw some figures recently that ASHI has more money in its coffers than NACHI.

Is this meaningful? Is it truthful?

Maybe not, and maybe yes.

I have never been asked what association I belong to, by the way.

Joe asks a few interesting questions. I personally don’t care who has more money. I chose Nachi 5+ years ago because of the education, and the benefits it offers. I still choose it today for the same reasons.

FYI, I’m pretty sure he didn’t write the article, I may me wrong.

Any actor or talk show host will say anything for money. Who cares what it is, just so the money rolls in. That is where the media is making money from the feds. Sad, and very wrong, IMO.

You might want to check that link again, Dave Ramsey now recommends InterNACHI: http://www.daveramsey.com/blog/hire-home-inspectors/?ectid=elp.facebook.post.7-28-2013


Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Now, Mr. Ramsey has finally corrected the problem, stated the truth, and did it right. Now if we can get the feds to do the same…

I’ve never been asked by a client or a REA what association I belong to. I joined for many of the reasons all of us did, it helped me grow my business via education and the MB.

I don’t think the initials of any association are readily known to most non inspectors.

It depends where you live. Everyday I have to consider joining ASHI.

Join them all, you are building a brand for your inspection business. I see many members in these boards that belong to more than one organization. I have to applaud the dedication to the industry.

I don’t want to perpetuate the lie that ASHI inspectors are better.

I get asked if I’m a member of ASHI once in awhile. It is on peoples list of things to ask an inspector that someone gave them.
Once I tell them I am NACHI and give them some information they forget about their question and move on to the next question. Most don’t care either way they are satisfied that I am certified by someone.

Nick, that was incredible! Nice work.

When are you guys going to learn that there is room in this country for more than one home inspector association. Each association will have its benefits and its downfalls. Join as many as you think will help your business. Its just like joining networking groups or becoming an affiliate of to a Realtor, mortgage, or insurance association. You do what you can do to promote your business. Negative comments towards another organization only hurts your own credibility.

Non-member wsiegel writes:

That’s not true.

One more than all the rest combined times 100: Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI®

Dave Ramsey only suggested one :twisted:


Did you have time to email the “bad broker”