House Detective show promotes A$HI on their website with iNACHI inspector on show

I was watching HGTVs House Detective show this morning that has a fellow iNACHI member on it and there was a website listed to get more info about getting a home inspection. Went to the site and was disappointed to see them only promoting A$HI in the article.

All of the inspectors mentioned in the article are long time ASHI members and some are past Presidents of ASHI. I 'll bet that the inspector in the show was a ASHI member long before he became a NACHI member. I would also bet that he is a vendor and has products to sell to NACHI members.

A couple years ago I watched a must be a newbie NACHI inspector Steve Ramos perform an inspection in a few episodes. Only a few episodes is what I could stand. I just saw too many things that he said was wrong. Steve every once in a while tries to sell us a class on infrared or marketing or something like that. Never heard anybody bragging about his classes. The inspectors before him was old A$HI inspectors, each inspector inspecting a house in a different way, very confusing. The average consumer does not know what a good home inspection is. Sad but true.

Wally Conway is a good friend of mine, originally from Camden, NJ.

He wrote a book called The Happy Home Inspector and he gave me an autographed copy. It was pretty interesting to me and I would recommend it highly.

An inspector who reads the book will have a powerful arsenal of compelling answers to frequently asked questions by both clients and referring real estate agents, as well as some great tips for managing a client’s expectations.

I will read the book, Thank You.