David or Charley

First one is the wires leaving the 60 amp breaker and going to the heat strips.

Second is the top heat strip. 5 KW

Loose connections? Should they be that hot?



Is that first one a parallel circuit? Two wires feeding the same equipment? (3 phase, 2 wires per leg feeding the same heaters)

If so, the hot one is not your problem. You have a bad connection on the cool conductor.

2nd pic looks like a thermal overload?
Need amperage on both of these.

Sorry for the dark pics it was in a corner of the garage. Here is a clear one for ya!

and yes since I went beyond and removed the cover, I found the great use of jumpers for interconnecting service breakers.
It was a 1989 Janitrol BTW… It seemed to work just fine…

I would say #1 is a bad crimp on the spade connector.

#2 is at the overloads. The center bank is not on (yet), or bad.
The top one comes on first. The others are on a timed sequence so they will show up at different temps at initial start up.

The rust will also look hotter than clean components.

That hot nut is connected directly to the heater coil. I would expect it to get very hot.

From the looks of it, the middle bank has never been used. It may not be hooked up. That is a lot of heat banks for TN if it is a heat pump.

They can figure that one out when the fix the jumpers.

The home was about 2600 sf top and basement.

Now don’t get your G-string in a bunch just asking a question.

What jumper were you talking about the one from the incoming power to the second set of breakers. I sure wish ya would buy a amp meter:D:D

Yes the double tapped breaker.

and yes I will get an amp meter for you…:smiley:

Ok I am done with the jokes what I see on your Jan-A-junk. is loose connections those spade clips have a tendency over time with a little heat to just expand out like a ripe banana or like Dave stated a bad crimp. Does appear the the middle strip was not operating but can not tell 100% with out a amp reading. Did I mention amp reading. Ya were a bit out of focus on your images but not enough to create those kinds of temps.

Ya can’t call that double tapping on a service connect to a elec furnace that is how they feed all of the strips from a single power source

Yes that jumper, the double tapped one. and yes I will go buy an amp meter.

Charley & Dave’s Rule of IR: If you don’t do anything else, focus the camera and take an amp reading on any and all electrical scans.

Otherwise we will fling a dart at the dart board and give you a wild *** guess…

Oh BTW just wanted to say if ya keep doing the things you are doing above and beyond what is required you will become a sought after HI just from word of mouth. That was a good find in that strip heat most would never have found it just taking temps at the register. Keep up the good work

Or get the title of deal killer around here Charlie. he is doing great, good inspector

Glad to hear it always a demand for a good inspector the not so good either move to Missouri;-):wink: go out of business or post on message boards how cheap inspections are killing them.:smiley: I just had to say that:twisted::twisted:

When he gets know as an undesirable in Knoxville for finding too much stuff that is actually wrong, let me know and I’ll come work with him and we can just work the important jobs.

Writing a $1,300 report from yesterday and getting set for a $2,600 “home inspection” tomorrow… (don’t get to many “Home Inspections” these days I’m too busy doing all the crap that we are not supposed to do…)

If the Feds don’t quit messing with my retirement, I’ll have to spread out and work longer…

So its ok in a furnace but not ok in an electrical panel???
2 different gauge wires also.

Only if the size of the incoming wires are of proper size to handle both breakers amps. Ya know Square D make a breaker that accommodates two wires what do you do when ya see them

David you would not believe some of the crap we put up with here. in the middle of a S— fight right now . Over a 20 year old AC unit and extra support for a ramp.

Please, keep that stuff over in that TN District! :wink:

I had one of “those” agents last week!

Was wanting a special time.
Changed the day.
Showed up 45 min. late to open the house (another agent came and did it).
Showed up late for the de-briefing.
Gave me looks when I said things “some” agents don’t like to hear.
Whispered real estate stuff in the clients ear.
Asked me questions and then cut me off in the middle of the answer.
Then wanted to know exactly when I was getting the report done.
Then needed me to send it to another Agent because she was going out of town…

I’m just not used to stuff like that.

At least it wasn’t a $195 inspection! The client wanted the whole enchilada!

I earned my $500 working around that Agent though (the client was concerned, but great)! :slight_smile: