2-day FL State Licensing Board/NACHI/IAC2 approved course in Ft. Lauderdale Aug 20-21


Several NACHI members have called me asking my opinion of this class. Probably a good class. NOT enough for a FL mold license is my guess. No one knows yet.

Florida Mold Assessment Technician Training Course is approved by the State of Florida, Construction Industry Licensing Board, course #0008975.

ESA is an approved for training.
The mold course is approved by the FL Construction Industry licensing Board.
The DBPR “has not established the board for the new mold law” and "this class has nothing to do with the new Florida mold assessment license"

Looks like a decent course for someone who wants to get into beginning mold assessment or take additional training.

But in regards to the new Florida Mold Assessment license,
I would suggest anyone considering getting a mold license
in the future to talk to the FL DBPR about this class if they think this will qualify them for the license.

No one want to admit it but I think one of the goals of the new mold law is to eliminate the “one and two day wonder” mold inspectors. 4 years experience will be reqiured, does anyone really think that’s so the inspector can learn how to take an air sample or two.
Have a great weekend,

Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals

Anyone doing mold now that’s been in it for at Least 1 year now, will have the 4 years under it’s belt when the law goes into effect. Read the text 2234.
Doug, you will not be cornering the market.

How did you get that out of my post?
don’t bother.
It’s late, John is almost back from a mold job on the east coast and I’m going home; we have a busy day again Saturday.
enjoy your days off
anyone certified for radon in Charlotte County & have level 2 clearance for schools?
Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals


Department of Business and Professional Regulation
1940 North Monroe Street
**Tallahassee, Florida 32399- 0750 **
Phone: 850.487.1395
Fax: 850.410.1993
E-mail: Call.Center@dbpr.state.fl.us

**www.naplesmoldinspection.com **

Doug you just are like a rug.

I must say I enjoy baiting you guys. The facts, just the facts,
and you fly off. We are busy every day of the week, health dept knows the numbers of radon tests we do and just ask EMSL if any, any home inspector in Florida sends them more samples for analysis. You say Pro lab and IAC2 and the professionals ignore you, those are facts and until you realize that you just won’t get it.
Our only competition in southwest florida is clean air inspect., the home inspectors are dropping like flies around here. My experience and from the looks of the HI mold reports (about 25 companies) on my desk; home inspectors doing mold inspection don’t realize how little they know. You can talk your bull, yell and scream but the reports tell it all, HI mold reports are a joke. To be very honest I wish at least one around here would learn what should be done. We can not do all the work and it appears there will even more when law kicks in.
“What in the H-ll do I do with this HI mold report,
can you guys squeeze us in next week, we would like to bid on this mold clean up job.” message from Mold Remediation Company with faxed HI mold Report. This is on our fax now, next Friday afternoon will be our reply.
There must be some around here who know how perform a mold inspection, but I have seen them yet.
All this talk about mold on a home inspector message board, think about it.
“Mold assessment and Home Inspections are two different professions with different requirements, insurance and regulations”, thats the new law.
This message board is good entertainment. HI doing mold is just to easy to hammer. ECO tech and Darryl on the east coast
are impressive mold inspectors and we do our best to let folks know.

I just got to the office and have Saturdays chain of custodies to get ready for monday FedEx. We had 19 days off since last August, hey it’s August again. Back to work, then I’m going home to enjoy my day off.
Let the fun begin.
PS: take the “two day wonder class” promoted by ESA, spend your money.

Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals

How did you get their reports?

I have already done their class and I am ESA certified

Gary, I like ESA classes have taken 3 or 4, ask bernie.
How we get reports?
In Real Estate deals, more and more sellers are realizing a lab analysis only report from a home inspector is useless. But instead of recommending a professional mold inspection, far to many HI are labeling homes with a mold problem based on air samples only. Sellers send us the reports. This is not new.
Responsible Remediation companies hired to clean up a mold problem have learned that they are liable for the clean up. When they have a HI crappy report, missed sources along with recommendations for corrections not based national industry standards, well it’s their butt. They call us to protect their selves and send the report.

Many of the certified indoor environmentalists work for cleanup companies, so they can do the “real” inspection for their self. This will change with the new law.
There are accepted industry standards for testing and cleanup of mold. ESA has good testing standards but only IESO standards are approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

If Home inspectors just collected a couple air samples, as most do, but for a nominal charge and then recommended a professional do a mold inspection if air samples came back “elevated” ,we would not have a new mold law.
I should thank all the home inspectors that give out lab analysis only reports for mold. We have paid for E&O for years, soon everyone will pay. I really like that part of the new law.

Can anyone tell me why you would be concerned with a mold certification that does not have third party accreditation or require experience to apply for it?

Have a great week,
Doug Wall, CIE

Doug says to Doug I love you.

Good Morning Florida
Can anyone tell me why you would be concerned with a mold certification that does not have third party accreditation or require experience to apply for it?

Have a great week,
Doug Wall, CIE

Doug, your obvious distaste for one particular vendor is coloring your judgement, I can name very many areas where education and acreditation is given without 3rd party oversight, similarly there are many oportunities to advance ones knowledge without experience in the specific field, that is what vocational training is all about.

Now if you have something constructive to help our members be better at what they do, bring it on, otherwise I suggest that you take your soap box elsewhere.



Well said Gerry.

Thanks Gerry,

I wanted to say the same but couldn’t find a diplomatic way of saying it.

He likes you Greg. You are listed on his website.

The thread was about a class that “has nothing to do with the new Florida mold law, FL DBPR”
I don’t like to see associates spend money and time on a one class when another should be more beneficial. The board will be formed and classes will be approved for the new law. The ESA class is good, I have taken it more than once but “it has nothing to do with the new law”.

Mold Certifications,
Easy to get …………. less or little value
Difficult to get ……… more respected and more value

Sort of like Florida’s new inspection law:
3 to 4 weeks to become a home inspector
3 to 4 years to become a mold inspector

I’ll take my soap box and go. My wife is returning from our summer home today, so I will not have time to play. Oh, I hired a home inspector to put a new roof on our summer place, Lake Huron is rough on roofs, thought that was classic.

NACHI has done some great things for their industry but mold is a different industry.
Have fun folks
Doug Wall
Retired, General Motors, 1995

Doug Wall
Retired, General Motors, 1995

What is a retired car mechanic doing mold inspections? Or did GM retired you on one of those cost cutting moves? LOL