If you are using InterNACHI's mold courses to apply for a mold assessor license...

Include a copy of this page with your application: http://www.nachi.org/mold-florida.htm

I have taken McKennas thermal imaging class… would this count as any education credits?


Maybe, but the glitch is, unlike our courses in www.nachi.org/mold-florida.htm , the DBPR can’t review John’s webinar.

All of our courses, along with accompanying student material and textbooks, have been sent to the DBPR so that they have them on file.

Today, the DBPR approved four of our mold-related courses and did not approve the other four. Our site has been updated to reflect these approvals: www.nachi.org/mold-florida.htm

Already sent application in. What other courses are available, that meet the approval?

I don’t know. I only got these approvals this morning. They didn’t give anyone much cushion.

http://www.moldinspectioninstitute.com/cie.html scroll to bottom right

Why are these courses approved then and ours are not?

or these orgs. http://www.namri.org/florida_grandfathering.html

I think NORMI.org has an approved course also.

Completing InterNACHI’s Exterior course is necessary to do a proper mold inspection. Without water, there is no mold. So unless you are talking about a plumbing leak, all water comes from the exterior.

Does the nachi plumbing course count

Ok, I guess my question is this. What is INachi doing to help their members out. I have a member in my company that I paid for to get it done through Nachi. We were specifically told what what courses and test to take. Am I out of pocket now for nothing? $289 Nachi membership, $100 proctor test, $200 in gas, hotel, meals, and time to take 70 plus hours of Nachi courses. Was this all for nothing. I think this is a fight Nachi should be fighting for its members and the promisses they made to the members.

We’ve unofficially been granted a 90-day extension. This extension will give members time to get all their mold courses completed. However, and this is a BIG “However”… the extension is only being granted to InterNACHI members who have submitted an application before grandfathering ends.

Many thanks to member David Cobian for his work on procuring this.

So let me sum this up — The 62 hours of Nachi course credits that were previously promoted as meeting the criteria for the 60 necessary hours — do not qualify??? Are you kidding me? These courses were specifically listed as being the accepted InterNACHI courses for aquiring the mold assessior license - It was indicated that these couses were under review by the State for CE credits, but the implications were that these courses met the States Mold Assessor criteria — Am I missing something here? Now some of these courses have been finally reviewed and found to not be acceptable ------ Not a Happy Camper — So i need to send off $335 to the State with my application and Nachi cousees that do not meet their requirements in order to be considered for the 90 day extension — in lite of the potential that the license will be repealed anyway??? Nick — WTH ---- This is a joke right? I really expect a lot more from my Society — We have been fed some false information that is just UNACCEPTABLE — Maybe i’m misreading this dialogue — but if not — someone needs to right this ship — I’m PO’d, or just missing something.

my question is when were all of the courses given to the state for approvel? This is not good news we need to make a living … we were counting on nachi

You are not missing anything…You should be PO’d.

Not happy here either. We could have spent money somewhere else but went with the organization that I presently belong to.

The courses were presented to the State for CE credits purposes only — They were promoted to members as being qualifiing Mold Assessor License courses — like Preston said, we could have gone anywhere and paid a paltry fee to qualify — Now there is no friggin time left ---- This 90 day extension better be for real ---- or I’m going to start my own NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION ----- Quit f@#$%ing with our livelihood - DONT PROMOTE THE DAMN COURSES AS BEING APPROVED WHEN THEY ARE NOT ---- I am seriously pissed about this — Nick, you need to get to the bottom of this right quick ------------ PLEASE

I’ll be pissed later…REAL PISSED, but right now I have until Monday to figure out an alternative for the missing hours of education. Nick, we need that NOW!!! Y’all can work on extensions etc. but I need to know of an alternative where I can fulfill my obligatory 60 hrs of education. As I understand it, NACHI online classes account for 40 hrs. Where can I get the other 20??? My packages for Home Inspector, Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator are all ready to go in the mail now…I need to drop in the additional 20 hrs…HELP ME.

How did you qualify for the 30 hours of necessary ed for the mold remediator license. I was always under the understanding that none of Internachis courses qualified for the remediator license. However, if you took these 30 hours outside of InterNACHI, perhaps they will also qualify as your missing 20 hours of mold assessor courses. i dont know, just a thought