Dead Front Dead man screw

I usually don’t re-install wrong screws back in an electrical panel, but I couldn’t resist leaving this one.

I guess it’s a place to hang your hat while you’re working on the panel…:smiley:

5038 Big Tyler Rd-Kinney 063.JPG

It gives the panel a nice steampunk-ish look!

Nice one! Thanks for posting Mike.

That was a standard issue FPE screw back in the 80s… 👍

the gold is a little harsh for my taste…it should be painted to match the panel…

That would be tuff. The panel appears to have an “event” in the past, and is charred from a burn or flash.

Maybe it’s because it’s a sub, being fed directly from the main breaker line side from meter, instead of from a breaker

5038 Big Tyler Rd-Kinney 061.JPG

Love the double lugs before the main disconnect.

UGH…stay out of my rental properties Mike…:wink: