Dead Link to Commercial Drone Class

In the Commercial Drone class the link to the FAA site is dead and thought someone would want to know @gromicko

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Thanks, I’ll have staff find the right one.

Email me your shipping address.

Hi, @mfellman. If there is a bad link in our drone course (FAA Drone Pilot Recurrent Training for Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Course - InterNACHI®), could you please tell me where in our course the bad link is located? There are many links to the FAA inside our course.

Here’s a screen shot with the URL on your site… it’s the link right above the video.


Matt, the FAA has made quite a few changes in recent months to their website and various pages. I bet you will find more that don’t work in that course.

@gromicko & @bgromicko1 My guess is the proper link for what @mfellman brought up should be either:
Getting Started | Federal Aviation Administration (
Become a Drone Pilot | Federal Aviation Administration (

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You’re right, @mdurante. The page,, has been updated, @mfellman.

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