Drone Course and Part 107

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I am recently InterNACHI certified inspector and new to the forum. I am starting on my FFA drone license. Question…does the InterNACHI Drone course prepare you well enough to pass the Part 107 exam or does it require supplemental materials? I more materials are need what are your suggestions?

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Here is a good thread to read. You can also do a search in the upper right corner where the magnifying glass is.

What dorne part 107 class - Members-Only - InterNACHI®️ Forum


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I went through DroneLaunchacademy.com before taking the test. Which I passed the test without any problems. After getting my certificate, I took the INACHI class as part of CE hours. I am not confident that I would have passed the class by just taking the INACHI class.


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Here is what you need to study to pass the Part 107 knowledge test.



The InterNACHI course may not have all you need to know to pass the 107 exam.
I have taken the InterNACHI “Study Guide for Certified Drone Pilot
Training Course”.
I recommend taking the InterNACHI course and studying the materials provided directly from the FAA.


I took drone Pilot 101 for bout $120 and it was great. Always updating as well as they get feedback from folks who pass, I passed with room to spare

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I took the InterNACHI Drone pilot course- it covers a lot but I suggest you supplement with The Drone Coach on YouTube among other YouTube videos- know the concepts: Weather, Airspace, Operations, Chart Sup,New Regulations, Physiology. Don’t just memorize test questions out on the internet etc.

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Thanks to all for your responses. Just the information I was looking for. As a new member, it’s nice to have a forum as such to answer questions. I am sure I will have many more as I progress through the process. Currently I am spending time reading through the General forum and that is answering many questions that I have.
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