InterNACHI Drone course

Just curious if anyone who has taken the drone course could weigh in on its helpfulness in taking the FAA exam? I know a lot of changes have happened since the course came out but uncertain if the FAA exam has had changes. Thank you in advanced.

I found it to be way to much info just to pass this simple test. I found an easier way to study and pass the test.
Read this thread.

Thanks Roy , that’s what I was looking for. Super appreciate it. I will likely take the Nachi one later but for now just want to take the FAA exam.

Inspector Jason .
Make sure you get the study guide. I can’t remember which one had it but, get it. It will help.
In addition, Don’t over study. Make your appointment for next week and study the vids and the guide and you will do fine.
If you don’t make the appointment you could drag it out forever.
I found it…
This will help you a lot.

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Super helpful. I am going to make a point of doing this towards the end of nov/dec

Why wait? Do you have a fear of failure.
Just remember most if not all Great inventors failed their way to success.
Failure isn’t a problem. Convincing yourself that it is …IS a problem.
Push the the walls of the so call failure that keeps you from going forward in your life, expect more out of yourself and the magic of life will be present itself in front of your eyes.. Yep!


Thanks for the encouragement. No. not worried to much, I just have been pretty busy and I need to do a few more CE’s before taking this on. I actually have my A&P , FCC and a few other FAA credentials. I was in army aviation and retired FAA as an electronics technician, working on NAV and Communication equipment. I used to maintain the facilities in Alaska. The home inspection has been a big change but I find I have an eye for detail and all the years with the gov , writing reports comes easier. Government tests though ,I have found are not to bad as long as you study the proper info using their terminology. I am a bit frustrated with the regulating of drones at the altitude with which we use them at. Thank you very much for your guidance to many of us on here. I learn a lot from folks like you and your experiences and willingness to share.

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I have been in contact with the FAA regarding drones and as you know they just want separation between drones and other aircraft. What altitude were you planning on flying at?
My neighbor is doing roof inspections with drones but he does not have the required certificates.
Is the frustration from the amount of education and testing required for 107 rules?

I can’t speak for how others passed their test, but here is my experience.

Roy’s link is perfect. Sunday night I went online and watched the almost 2 hour video from Tony Northrup, which I would like to comment on and say that he does a fantastic job giving all the information in a way that is easy to digest.

Did that on Sunday, then took a practice exam. You can find like 5 online searching google for part107 practice test…

Monday morning I took a couple more practice exams and scheduled my test for Tuesday as I felt very comfortable with the material.

Monday evening I watched bits and pieces of a video by “Better B Roll,” found here:

Tuesday morning, yesterday, I got up and went down to the testing center and passed with an 82%

The video by Northrup really is fantastic. Not saying anyone should schedule a test so soon after starting to study, like I did, but honestly with the way I absorb information, the video really worked for me and I did well with the information.

Good luck!


Good job Brother… Yep!

Good, David! I’m happy for you.

Acft should not be flying as low as even 100 feet in a nieghborhood., to inspect an average roof I can’t see being much higher unless your inspecting a downtown skyscraper and there is altitude s pilots must maintain or go around to avoid tall building plus Notams issued for things like towers. I am just not really sure licencing is really needed for actually doing inspections. but I understand you always have that one person doing stupid stuff.

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