See anything?


Was there supposed to be a picture?

Nope I don’t see anything :wink:

Dang phone, you guys are too fast, it hadn’t uploaded it yet. :slight_smile:

Looks like some type of fuse holder on the right side- with no fuse and nothing connected to it. Did they remove the fuse and tape the wires together?

No it’s more fun than that. :smiley:

I see many possibles, pic not large enough. Fuse is bypassed appears to have no wire connected to the green ground screw, a yellow and green wire connected together and the yellow on the low voltage terminal not in use appears they used a blue instead. Possibly to small a run cap for the blower motor


Seriously, you guys are too far into “inspector evaluating a system” mode. :slight_smile:

Here’s what it was.

That’s a bat inside the circuit board box inside the blower compartment.

But then I noticed more fur and dropped it down for a better look. :smiley: Two.:eek:

That’s plain batty! I would have dropped one if those little bastards started flying around.

I have a dry sense of humor just funnin ya;-) but did it make you go back and take a second look your self

Now I’m reading pages of HVAC wiring color codes… Thank you very little! :wink:

They were a bit stiff, but I didn’t even think of that while I was dropping that case. :shock:

That is as good as my pic with the mice on the filter. LOL
I would also think that the fuse went and this was temp repair by the HVAC tech. He may have the fuse and forgot to return.:shock::shock:

The fuse looks like it might have been replaced with that panel-mount circuit breaker right behind it.

Your welcome very little :wink:

Without going through the thread.
I see a splice where the fuse mount lies empty.!!!
If I remember correctly its a blue 10 or 12 G. wire with electrical tape.

Like to share the link??? We all like codes.
Thanks in advance.:wink:


He should have read the thread, eh? :slight_smile: