Dead worms in basement

I recently have done a home inspection where the basement was finished. However, the was a dehumidifier running (obvious sign of moisture issues), and a bunch of dead dried worms all over the basement carpet. I could not find out where the came from. I assumed they made there way in through the sliding glass door but it seemed well sealed. So my question is how would the best way of writing this in a report be?

As an example…
Report what you see; dehumidifier, excessive moisture, worms, etc. and have the buyer ask the homeowner about it, in writing. And if nothing is known, a qualified IAC professional, or such, may be used to further investigate to understand the issues, before the end of the inspection contingency period.

Had it rained recently? Was there an odor of wetness? Were there water stains on the finished walls? Were there cracks on the exposed basement walls at the exterior?…etc.