Worn Line on dirt floor, past water driping

Worn Line on dirt floor apparently from water dripping on the basement floor located directly under main water line.

Suggestions on what to write in the report. There was no active leaks.

Recommend further evaluation by an Inspector that follows the Home inspection standards…

Read them again. It tells you what to do.

Sounds like condensation to me .

Looks like condensation dripping from cold water line has stained the dirt floor .
Insulating this line might help control the dripping.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking, but I’ve never seen a line worn in the dirt I just wanted to get others thoughts

Some inspectors seem to get a kick out of putting others, down. Its kind of pathetic really.

Am I putting you down because you don’t have a clue what the home inspection standards are?

There is no reason for this to be in your inspection report. But you knew that already now didn’t you?

I normally cut-and -past the HI SOP, but you would never read the rest of the standards and just be back here again next week asking why your in trouble with your client.

Do you have any clue what is required for condensation to occur?
Roy has no clue if it is condensation because you never collected the data to show that it could be condensation. So your going to write a report based on Roy’s “best guess” on information you did not provide to start with?

I haven’t started to put you down.
Do your damn job.

Like David said only politer

Dan, Interesting how so many think “it’s all about me”, when the reality is that I don’t give a crap about what they think about me.

I do give a crap about people posing as a Home Inspector turning their clients upside down over things they don’t know and what is not the purpose of their job.

OP says it’s not leaking…

Is it so hard to say; there are indications of condensation from the water pipe in the crawlspace (an indication of elevated moisture into the CS at some time in the past). There were no signs of current water leakage at the time of the inspection.

But then, why are you spending time on this when it is likely that the client will never enter the crawlspace the entire time they live there.

Take a pic and file it away.

But, they must understand what causes condensation in the first place.

Like we have time to teach them what they should have learned in Middle School and HI training.


Eh, we have all been there Dave.

He might run circles around you in Electrical for all you know.

Here we are required to report if the water piping is, or is not insulated (it’s not) on each report.

If it was me, in New Hampshire, I would add a piping insulation narrative to my report.

Information.jpg :wink:

Most definitely. :wink:

Be careful, he might be a Level III Thermographer too for all you know.