Hi fellas, I have 2 issues concerning a basement I inspected yesterday. The home was completely renovated. The first issue is these drain pipes sticking out of the floor, what would be the reason for that.
The 2nd issue is that there is a part of this basement which was closed off-The basement extends further than the home (About 22 feet). The contractor Representative said that it was due to code regulations that the area be closed off-Ive heard that before, but I felt the contractor could have at least cleaned the area up before closing it up. The area was very damp and there was mold everywhere- The pictures you see here were taken through a hole in the wall. How should this be worded in my report ? (New HI) all comments wold be greatly appreciated as the client and attorney eagerly await my report.





Got to call the mold and recommend thay call a reputable mold remediation company for a consultation. Got to also determine if any of the mould was a wood decay species that attacked structure or floor boards.