Dealing with USDA

Anyone have to deal with the USDA before? A friend called me to give my professional opinion whether a fence post was pressure treated or not. Apparently the guy from the USDA said he could not say the post was pressure treated because it didn’t have a tag on it. I stated that in my opinion the post was pressure treated and did not need correction. He agreed but had me write a short statement so he could get his supervisor to approve it.

Perplexing as a USDA loan does not mandate a home inspection and a home inspection does not include fencing.

Yeah, it was for a friend who does pest control. I have never dealt with the USDA, but he was a nice guy. He basically just needed a third party to state whether it was pressure treated or not, since apparently the USDA requires it to be tagged.

I have performed inspectioons a few USDA Urban Development loan clients where it was required to have a home inspection.

Thanks for the info Jeff!