Death by Chimney?

Take a look at this chimney located right beside a bedroom window…Please let me know your thoughts on this one…I wrote it up as a life safety issue…


Exactly Replace or repair immediately… hazard .
All Chimneys must be 2 feet higher then any thing with in ten feet
Roy Cooke

That’s definitely a homeowner install. I’d like to see the permit for that one.

Too close for comfort.

“Click to enlarge”

You mean this is not acceptable?

IMG_1183 (Small).JPG

North side of house that was not occupied. House had been winterized but was being heated.

BTW- The house was built in 1991 and everthing in the pics appears to be original. Go figure.

IMG_1183 (Small).JPG

I thought “B” vents had to be 2’ higher than anything within 8’ Either way this one fails miserably.

That’s completely criminal. If it is a contractor I sure hope they get what they deserve. :frowning: Punishment should be being forced to sleep in that room with the window open.

Definitely takes the prize for “Most Poorly Planned Installation”!


I hope this installation wasn’t inspected by any local Housing Authority Inspection Dept…
This had to have been some kind of homeowner add-on, probably designed and installed while on a drunken weekend bender.
Good Call… Code and Life Safety Issues for sure.

Good call.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is not limited to these vents. With the installation of remote starters, and how folks like to warm their cars up in the morning, imagine the only thing between you and your neighbor is his driveway. Now, imagine your bedroom window open, and he’s idling his car in the early morning. A little wind, and a poorly performing car, and you’ve got a recipe for some CO poisoning. Keen observation skills are the best tool we have. Unfortunately, it aint one you can buy.

Remember, we are the only ones NOT interested in the real estate transaction.

We are the thin grey line as nothing we inspect is exactly black and white.

We’re paid for our opinions. The opinion that the photo is a life/safety issue is a bullseye.

Good call.