Debating,.. Your thoughts

I know - Romex is not approved as a flexible cord & NM not approved in a “wet” area…

  • Todays inspection, Garbage disposer - Connected by NM Romex in a 1981 house.
    Would you call it out to be fixed? Is it a huge issue? Is it nit picky? I hate these on the edge moments,… :roll:


Pretty much standard practice in a lot of places back then. I would call it out if the romex is not secured by connector to the disposal, and is not connected the same way to a junction box, and grounded. Many times the device ground is left hanging, literally. Other than that, I’d leave it be.

I’d worry more about the stability of the installation.

Jimmy B.

I call it out, but not for the reasons you posted. The cabinet under the sink is not a wet location, and I consider the disposal to be a stationary appliance. I call it out because the Romex is subject to damage in that area.

Exactly…the stability of the installation.

Yeah, I gave a list of reason why it wasn’t “good practice” I just hate the ones you don’t want to be nit picky on, but I came to my senses! :smiley:

Oh by the way,… it is a wet area when you have a plumbing leak too! :mrgreen: