disposal wiring

I need clarification on disposal wiring. Is romex allowed if wired from the disposal into the wall and the switch box without a plug on the end or is a flexible appliance cord required that is plugged into a switched wall outlet under the sink ?

I believe either are acceptable. Some AJH’s may disagree. But from an HI point of view, I don’t think either would be a concern.

While probably not allowed in the municipal code world, I would not flame it out if it is run in a fashion that limits it’s exposure to physical damage by being supported if possible to the plumbing pipe ( if plastic ) and run in a way that on observation appears in good shape. Many municipals allow this application even if the NM Cable is not running with the surface of the building. We happen to not allow it in Richmond,VA but we do give them measures to protect it that lessens the potential for damage.

If it looks damaged or in the way that is likely to be damaged due to poor consideration of the nature of it’s installation then let those factors be your guide in an HI condition versus just the physical appearance of NM Cable.

Hope this was helpful.