debris and dusty panel

This panel has a signifcant amount of lint like debris and dust on all components of the panel. Recommend cleaning or leave it alone?


If error, error on the side of safety. I would feel completely comfortable calling it.

I am surprised that when you pulled off the cover, the dust did not ignite and make a big flash. I have had that happened a few times, back when I was an industrial electrician. You will learn to turn your head away when you pull a cover off a live dusty panel. The flash can be so great it will blind you for over a minute. Also it will scare the crap out of you, the first time it happens.

There is a reason for this condition.

Did you find out the “why” comment on that?

It is likely connected with a wide array of “significant issues” you should have in your report.

Correct. The home is a high rise condo (7th floor) and the panel backs up to a chase wall. The panel is also located in the laundry closet so when the dryer is on and the door is closed air is filtered thru the panel.

While functional as-is (for now) I would definitely recommend cleaning and sealing of any panel openings to try and prevent future intrusion.

Very Good! =D>