Decent photos in dark environments?

I am looking for advice about how to improve the photos I take in crawlspaces and attics. I use an I pad to do my inspections. Do any of you use an additional light source to brighten things up?

I use a camera with a real flash, but when out of flash range use an LED flashlight. An LED flashlight will have much closer to the proper white balance than an incandescent so it won’t look yellow. Have the flashlight on your subject before aiming the camera to help it determine focus distance and exposure.

also use a flashlight that has a focusing beam, you can eliminate the white center spot in the photo.

I use a camera. I write on a phone. No tablets on site for me. Specially in a crawl space.

Great correct good advice.

When you are taking a picture with your ipad, tap on the darkest part of the screen and it will brighten the picture.