I am in the market for a new couple flashlights. I currently own a bunch. My favourite for attics and crawlspaces is a cheap incandescent rechargeable.
I find that it gives the truest view of deficiencies when in a totally black environment. It seems that when I use an LED flashlight everything has a white haze or shadow effect giving everything a surreal appearance. The old style regular incandescent bulb seems to cast a good natural light. My cheap light is starting to die quicker on me now after charging so I’d like to replace it with something that will perform.

Does anyone understand what I mean? Agree/disagree?

Any thoughts, comments on what you use, what to look for in a good light?

I use led lights , works for me .Also use a head led for crawls and attics brighter the better . Most of mine has a high and low setting

J 5 tactical. Look for them. Small, bright and versatile. One a a battery that lasts for hours on end. You literally can hold it between your fingers and have both hands free.

Fenix flashlights. The entire line is high quality. Look at the smaller rechargeables.

My 2 Fenix lights have gone out (even with new batteries).

I use Surefire now. They are military grade so we’ll see how they hold up.

I’ve been using the same Streamlight Strion for about 7 years now. Same battery and same bulb. Its starting to become sentimental now :D. I used to use a stinger but thats now become my backup. The stingers are good but their big and the bulb gets wicked hot and will melt the lens if you leave it on.

Samsung Galaxy S-5, works great.

I use a Tiny Monster. Great for interiors. It’s like a handheld floodlight.

Nitecore TM26

I use a Coast 360 super bright ok on batteries.

Really… Hmmm… I was just about to pick up a couple of the Fenix lights. Now am wondering if I should. Which model did you have.

I bought a three pack Duracell flashlights from Costco for $19.99 included batteries. They take four aaa batteries per flashlight. I bought the rechargeable aaa batteries, and charge them every night before my day. Works great for me. :smiley:

I have 3 Fenix lights and never had a problem. Some of the models are a natural light LED versus white. I have both but prefer the natural LED for home inspections as it does not wash out the color. This is where I bought mine. They give discounts to military and first responders. http://shaologear.com/

Check out voidhawk I think the one I got is the T-rex? the focus beam eliminates the hot spot for nice picks.

I used the Fenix PD32