iPhone for photos

Is anybody else using an iPhone 14 for inspection pictures? The problem that I have is that in dark areas like, attics and crawl spaces,
the pictures are dark and require enhancing before inserting them into my report. Even after that the photo quality is inferior. Any tips? I have the 2022 iPhone 14 Max Pro.


Did it ever occur to you to use a flashlight to illuminate the backside of the room? Cameras are like eyes they can’t see in the dark.


Silly question maybe, but do you have the “flash” enabled? Go into a dark area of your home to take a pic, make sure the orange flash symbol comes on your screen. It if does, it still may take a second or two for the phone to click the pic.

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I’ve tried both and the flash from the phone illuminates a wider area. But do what works best for you.

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Yes, it is enabled.

And just to add a little bit to the conversation, when in attic and crawl spaces that have lights, I will turn them off and navigate with a flashlight. Turn it away or off from the areas of the pictures you want to take. Make sure you review those pics because I’ve found things that a “normal” view didn’t see.


I have been doing that, some. But, I end up with a super bright spot in the middle of the photo. I have tried offsetting the beam and that helps. You would think with all of Apple’s bragging about the picture quality of this camera I wouldn’t need to augment with a flashlight.

Okay, that’s something to try - thanks.

Do you edit the exposure on your pics? One reason I don’t do “on site” reports. I review and edit most all my pics before they go into my report.


Yes, I do that. I don’t do an on-site report. I do a narrative style at home. All my pictures look great except for the attic and crawlspaces. It’s important to me that my reports look as professional as possible.

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Your phone should be taking better pics. I’m old school still using the 8 with better pics than you posted. :thinking:

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I don’t have an iPhone, but I have found the pictures on my Android Motorola turn out much better by disabling the flash and using a good flashlight to light up the area instead.

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In dark areas such as crawlspaces, attics and basements, I’ll use a flashlight and the flash. I currently use a S-21 Ultra.

From yesterdays inspection.

Notice the nice clean cuts on the truss webs.



Your phone’s camera is struggling with where to focus and how to expose the picture.

In the first picture it appears that it never found a hard edge to help it focus and in the second it fixated on trying to properly expose the bright light.

Tap your phone screen to tell the camera where to focus and perform exposure control. A couple of attempts may be needed to get what you need.

Additionally, look for a flashlight with an adjustable lens from spot to flood. Depending on your location both may be useful.



Thanks everyone! Good tips, will try them tomorrow

I bought a Milwaukee M12 Rover 700/250 lm LED Rechargeable Handheld Flood Light with 3 extra batteries and charger. I use my iPhone 14 in crawlspaces and attics. This flood light allows you to take excellent photos. A spot light doesn’t work as good as a flood light.

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I use a NightBuddy / Odelfi wide angle headlamp. The wide angle absolutely works better for both photos and most visual inspections.
I use an

Crawl space or attic you should always have a good flashlight, not just for pictures, but for doing an actual inspection.


I recommend getting a serious professional flashilight, not a cheap one. Crawl spaces and attics are several times larger than rooms in a house, sometimes thousands of square feet. A flashlight with some “throw” will be your friend. the flash on your phone simply can’t handle the size of an attic or crawl when you want to see the wall 30 ft away.

try this

Pictures taken with my Iphone 14 and a Fenix LR35R on Tuesday:


Use an android