Looking for a dependable rechargable flashlight. I use Ultra stinger flashlight now and they are in the shop most of the time. Any good recommendations?


I use eagletac G series. I battery will last up to 4 inspections. Streamlight is outdated. These are smaller and pack a bigger punch.

I have an EagleTac as well - great flashlight. However, I recently purchased this Barska flashlight, which blows away any other I have found. It’s about the same size as a Stinger, but it is brighter than you can imagine. In fact (in high power mode) it’s almost too bright for small spaces.

For attics and crawl spaces, you can easily illuminate the opposite side of a 40 or 50 foot space.

I purchased it from Amazon for $115.


I use that one too. Great flashlight.
Whatever you get, get a couple. You always want to have a backup.
Get extra 18650 batteries with a couple chargers depending on how many inspections you do.
If you want to go into the underground world of flashlight geekness, go to http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/content.php

I use the pelican 7060. They run a little high at about 150 but worth every penny.

Personally, the last one I got, was at Sears, rechargable and about $45.

Fenix TK21 or TK15 are excellent lights with variable output and use standard 18650 LIon batteries. If you want killer bright, you can go with a TK35 (810 Lumens), but it’s not as easy to carry because it carries dual batteries.


You definitely want to go with a modern LED vs incandescent. A bonus with the LEDs is that they are the perfect color to augment your camera flash for taking shots at the far end of the attic or crawlspace.

Take a look at the Spark SL6-800CW.:mrgreen:

One of my three ultra stingers is also in the shop for a new switch, cloudy lens, etc. about once a year. But compare that lifetime warranty to the 1 year limited warranty of other flashlights. Nothing lasts forever.

Guidesman mini torch is a whopping 160 lumens in what is almost a key chain for $28 and is lifetime protected (just bring back to any Menards)

Use every day however the draw back is 2 AA which only last a couple inspections so I buy the 16 pack.:slight_smile:

You should invest in a AA batter charger and go with lithium ion batteries. Will save in the long run.

Are you having problems with the actual switch or just the rubber boot cover on it?

I can show you how to replace either one easily with parts you can order online.
Never had to send any of my 4 ultrastingers out for repair.:mrgreen:

I put an LED bulb in my UltraStinger. Battery lasts much longer and has a better “light” than the regular bulb.

But even that is now just merely a back up to my Lenser M7R. It is the only light I use. Small, brighter than the UltraStinger, lasts 10-12 inspections and has multi functions.(Hi beam, Lo beam, strobe and SOS with bream and wide angle for each) Charges quickly off USB. One handed operation from beam to wide angle light.

That would be nice to know how to do and where to order the parts as I have one needing a switch. I haven’t googled it yet. :slight_smile:

Streamlights have a lifetime warranty. I have had problems with several switches in them over the years. I simply stop by the police supply house and they change them out free of charge. It is a minor inconvenience and apparently a not so durable design, but they do stand behind the repair warranty.

Thanks, Chuck. I’ve sent mine in a time or two but I don’t have a local spot to stop off to.

Bruce suggested a possible easy method to repair and online parts which may be an exchange for the postage that I pay back to Streamlight.

I use the Dewalt 18 volt rechargeable it hits the highway from my front porch at 300 feet used them for years has a swivel head that points at a 90 degree or straight up. Just bought a new one, light and Battery was $149.00 and I griped all the way out of the store.

BTW it will bring a German Shepperd to its knees in a head on charge don’t ask how I know that.

The ultrastinger warranty excludes switches etc but its great if you find a place that overloooks that and does the repair for free.

To disassemble, (its not real easy and you may damage parts if you are not experienced with working on delicate and stubborn stuff)

To remove the switch assy, screw the end and head off, remove the lamp and spring, remove the two phillips screws on the charger plate (these are a weird size/type and require an exact fit tool or you can strip them), release two tabs inside by pulling them inwards about 1/32 inch (use small needle nose pliers) while pushing inside with something like a wooden dowel. You have to push at the same time you have the tabs squeezed and while pushing in on the rubber switch boot. You need 3 hands it seems but I have done it several times with only two. Don’t stand on concrete and drop a bulb like I did once… It does sound kinda cool when it explodes though…

You should have a new switch gasket boot (99 cents) and a new switch if needed.
Go ahead and order some batteries if yours are over 2 years, the date is on the side of the battery. Also order several bulbs while you’re at it. Chief does not seem to always have the bulbs. If you have a Batteries Plus store near you they have bulbs.
When the bulbs are not clear looking they need replacing.



Also have ordered bulbs, batteries etc from OpticsPlanet.com

To reassemble, you have to wiggle the assy back in while making sure the switch boot does not get damaged with it lined up with the switch hole until it clicks in place at the two side tabs. Wipe off the bulb real good after installing it.