decided to be a Home inspector when I grow up

This weekend I finally made the decision to give it a go.
In Illinois there are 3220 Licensees and now one more begging for scraps.
When I get a call from a client the rush of Adrenalin tells me I may have found something that will keep my interest.
When I told my boss he wished me well in my new field.

blognachi 019 (Small).jpg

blognachi 019 (Small).jpg

Good luck and welcome.

Thanks John.I will try to stay active and share what I learn.

Hope you do great Robert…!

By the way, what was your previous job?..a butcher?..I noticed you whacked a few fingers off at some point in time on your right hand…:smiley:

Hope you don’t have the same bad luck digging into a 208Y/120…:smiley:

Nothing like being told that you are number one:)

Hey, Bob!! Y’all, I happen to have first hand knowledge that Bob is a heck of a good guy. Too good, in some cases. Maybe we can give him a mean streak?:mrgreen:

My ex girlfreinds will testify that I do in fact have a mean streak.
Buy the way all my fingers are in place and my ex girlfreinds will testify that I know how to use them.

Hi Dale…I used to own a Neon Sign business way back when.
220-110 are nothing compared to being shocked by 25,000 volts.
Might explain my recent desision making .

This is how many licenses have been issued since Illinois became a licensed state. Many have gone out of business. You can check with the state to get an accurate number of active inspectors.

No I believe the number is presently.

Now to get interesting we could divide the number of home and condo sales by that number Linas.

You were working for Michael Moore, I don’t blame you for getting out.

Vince I knew he looked familiar and you pegged it.
He was the owner of that contracting company and a real educated guy with degrees in computer science , and biology.Oh… and might I add not much for business wear.He actually understood half of what I was talking about so that deserves a lot of credit

Hey Bob
Good luck with the new endeavor. I too, have decided to take the plunge. It’s funny, after years of dedication & hard work they just toss you aside, then I notice 4 out of my 5 fingers cramped up just like yours! LOL! Better for me!

Only 2215 licensed inspectors in Illinois, according to the state web site (which is usually accurate).

How come you don’t wear your orange shirt anymore. And it looks like you could use a shave.:stuck_out_tongue:

Trying out a new look. What do you think?

Too much hair gel?

Will …go here as I am talking licensees. (3233)
Gosh the number is growing since my last post.
This includes entities and instructors as these people are also working.
2511 if you count only home inspectors as sole proprietors
And for the last time to all you budding comedians that picture is not me, as I am prettier.
Will if that is how you look now you should have no problem inspecting roofs

To those who don’t know Bob, he has delusions of meitiocraty :mrgreen:

Will you have delotions of not needing spellcheck.
I mean what the heck, is that a real word.

Mediocrity. Sorry (I am so mediocre):mrgreen: