Amazed at the Low number of inspectors in NYS.

I looked at the New York State website. It showed there are only 266 inspectors to inspect for all the transactions in NYS. That amazes me for
how low the amount is.


I would say that a mass mailing to all that are licensed to raise the $$ per inspection so they can control the market and then get the inspectors that didn’t get licensed on board as “well paid” helpers until the can qualify for their license –

They then will know the true value of their license and everyone will be happy

I also still belief in Santa


Seems quite a small number. We have around 600 in Massachusetts with a smaller population.

Rickey where abouts on the web site ???


That’s about 265 inspectors too many \:D/

(just kidding!!!)

As of January 16th, 2006 there are 662 Licensed Home Inspectors in New York State. The breakdown is as follows:

396 Individual Licensees -and
266 Licensees that filed with their firm name as a corporation

To verify this on a daily basis, simply go to the NY State web site for the Dept. of State, select name and then Home Inspector then search. It will give you a listing of Individual licensees. To further check for firms, go to Business name, then Home Inspector, and search and it willl give you the listing of those who filed under their firm, as compared to as individuals.

That is a little misleading. All of the 266 listed as corporate licensees are also listed by name search, Therefore the total should be 396.

Ok Fred-

Correction - That’s 395 too many!! :wink:

That’s the way I look at it too Bill!! :smiley: and look for the licensing section.


That number is only the number of licenses issued by NYS. According to the article from the NY Times that Nick had a link to on the board, is that as 1/6/06, 331 licesnses issued out of 3000-5000 application from around and in the state. Now did anyone ask or thought how big a work stoppage this has created. I know it may be slow now, but my phone is ringing and I can’t work.What happen to the grace period and what type of language does the A7203 have. NYS database as of this morning has not been updated since 1/13/06.


The number on the board for NYS is 266 under names and businesses. I am not sure where everyone is getting the 300+ number from. I did a search in every possible way. As of January 13, 2006, there are only 266 throughout NYS.


do a search under names…not business and you will find almost 400 names.

Licensee List
Click an ID Number for more information.

Total records found: 396

I personally thought that the 5000+ number of alleged applicants was a bit high, from the first time I saw it. Rockland has an abundance of inspectors, and our own numbers arent that awfully high. Could it be that the number was boosted by those opposing this legislation, to create momentum to attempt a delay of the licensing date?

I registered late (like just before year-end), and received my authorization letter a couple of weeks ago, and actual license in the mail a couple of days ago. Seems like the State is moving along at a decent clip. So where are all the other 4500 applicants? Like I said, I was a bit tardy in getting my application filed as soon as it was ready. I know I didnt jump to the head of the line…

Within NACHI’s own Inspector search you can see several home inspector names who are not on the NYS data base. It is apparent that many did not meet the criteria for licensing. Within my area there are two that I know of who are out of business today…hey less competition=more opportunities.:smiley:

Does the Co need the License or do all inspectors working for Co need to be Licensed?

Only a licensed inspector for the Co can inspect. An unlicensed inspector can be there to meet the qualifications, however the main inspector has to be licensed.

All working inspectors require a license. Some work for themselves, some work for companies, some work for their own corps.

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